LinkedIn 101 for Recovering Academics

An online workshop for recovering academics to learn the basics of networking on the LinkedIn social media platform.


Social Science in Practice

An informal online session with two social scientists who work in industry. Grab coffee with us as we discuss how we made the transition


I’m a writer and I tell stories on stage, on podcasts and more.


I create workshops, up skill teams on research skills and coach researchers who need support.


I give online webinars and do talks and workshops on ethnographic skills, sustainability, and post-academic life. 


An online community of recovering academics. We provide peer support and resources for female-identified folks who have left the academy. 


I help technologists, scientists and designers do the research that answers the questions they need to answer. Find recent projects, white papers and scholarship here.


I am fortunate to know and be connected with and to partner with some amazing professionals in Portland and beyond. Our projects are here.