My doctor and I talked together for a StoryCorps project in collaboration with OHSU. Here’s part of our conversation. You can also read the nonfiction essay I mention.


I help scientists, technologists and designers work with human centered data.


I give talks and facilitate seminars on team development, women in technology, ethnographic skills, sustainability, measuring concepts and post-academic life. 


An online community of recovering academics. We provide peer support and resources for female-identified folks who have left the academy. 


I work with an incredible group of social scientists, designers and healers to conduct professional development workshops.


At rOpenSci Unconference, I joined a team working on a the prototype for a lightweight qualitative coding package called qcoder

Maybe you’d like to send me an email? Send it to my first name at my last name dot com.
Photo Credits: Stories on tap - JL Hagenbush, Nan Palmero - Woman Using a Samsung VR Headset at SXSW, Ionel C - Goddess Athena, Portland Story Theater, Quinn Dombrowski - IB English