Collaborating with the Alveare Collective on the Failing Fast for Females Workshop. 

Taught workshops on data collection and analysis,  research, interviewing skills and dealing with social bias. 



Flash Forward - "Our Father Who Art in Algorithm" (2017)

Flash Forward -  "Deceptible Me" (2017)

Portland Story Theater  - Urban Tellers Podcast - "Secret Selfies" (2017)



University Teaching

Taught courses in sociology, environmental policy, field research methods and the theory and research on nonprofit organizations to college students. Worked with a wide range of students from introductory to advanced seminars and from students who have had every advantage to students in refugee camps. 



My twinkly-eyed grandfather instilled a love of storytelling. I've performed at Portland Story Theater, Stories on Tap, Perfect Liars Club and Nerd Nite DC. 

Additional Talks

  • "Why Women Don't Like Social VR" Women in Technology, 2017 
  • “Social Science Insights for Startups” Innovate and Advocate” A PDX Startup Week Summit, 2017
  • "Ethnography for Everyone" Bend Design, 2016
  • “The Practice of Measuring,” Measuring the Impact of Workshops, Software Sustainability Institute, Oxford e-Research Centre, September 20, 2016.
  • Campus Talks at Portland State University, Carroll College, Susquehanna University, George Mason University, Gettysburg College and Bucknell University. 
Photo Credit: Stories on tap - JL Hagenbush, (video) Portland Story Theater, David Fulmer - University Library Card Catalog, Bend Design, Ernest Duffoo - Microphone.