Convey, instruct, show, explain, mentor, demonstrate, educate, enlighten, inform, show, collaborate, connect, link, determine, understand, comprehend, work with, frame, consider, discuss, engage, delight, explore, encourage, support, relate, adventure, journey, examine, experiment, play, imagine, create, discover, excite, contribute, synthesize, enable, work alongside, facilitate. 



My twinkly-eyed grandfather instilled a love of storytelling. I've performed at Portland Story Theater, Stories on Tap, Perfect Liars Club and Nerd Nite DC. 


University Teaching

Taught courses in sociology, environmental policy, field research methods and the theory and research on nonprofit organizations to college students. Worked with a wide range of students from introductory to advanced seminars and from students who have had every advantage to students in refugee camps. 


Ethnography for Everyone 

Taught a two-hour, hands on workshop for designers on qualitative research and ethnographic practices. 



Flash Forward - "Our Father Who Art in Algorithm" (2017)

Flash Forward -  "Deceptible Me" (2017)

Portland Story Theater  - Urban Tellers Podcast - "Secret Selfies" (2017)


Additional Talks

  • "Why Women Don't Like Social VR" Women in Technology, 2017 
  • “Social Science Insights for Startups” Innovate and Advocate” A PDX Startup Week Summit, 2017
  • “The Practice of Measuring,” Measuring the Impact of Workshops, Software Sustainability Institute, Oxford e-Research Centre, September 20, 2016.
  • Campus Talks at Carroll College, Susquehanna University, George Mason University, Gettysburg College and Bucknell University. 
Photo Credit: Stories on tap - JL Hagenbush, (video) Portland Story Theater, David Fulmer - University Library Card Catalog, Bend Design, Ernest Duffoo - Microphone.