I help scientists, technologists and designers understand and extend their impact.


Design metrics that Work

Let’s find metrics that actually measure what you are trying to understand.

Better Surveys

Writing survey questions isn’t as easy as it may seem. If you ask better questions you will get better data.


Ethnographic Skills

I lead workshops on ethnographic skills, interviewing techniques and how to analyze qualitative data.

Stakeholder Pulse

Get a better sense of your stakeholders needs by hiring me to do the research that answers your questions.



"Beth was great at teaching me and my teammates a host of qualitative research skills, in particular how to analyze and make meaning out of complex data. I was impressed at the way she guided us through synthesis so that rather than feeling like work, it was fun and discovery-based. Beth helped us see the many sides of our data and grapple with how to reconcile them.”

Jake Sullivan, Service Design Researcher, Nike HR

"Beth is extraordinarily skilled at taking mushy, messy qualitative data and turning it into something useful and that you actually want to base your decisions on. She's a savant in all aspects of running a research study and then very capable of structuring the results to make them most applicable to the client. And there's more - Beth is a lovely person who genuinely cares about the people she works with and able to focus on what's going to help them reach their goals.”

Jessica Outlaw, VR/AR Behavioral Scientist and Experience Researcher, The Extended Mind

"Beth was incredibly helpful in guiding my approach to assessment. As a biologist, I had no familiarity with disciplinary guidelines in a social context, and qualitative research in particular was quite intimidating. Beth’s expert advice allowed me to refine our questions, diversify our methods, explore our data efficiently, and create meaningful reports with confidence.”

Dr. Karen Word, Post Doctoral Scholar, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine


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